TUULEN POIKA HANUMAN (Hanuman, the Son of the Wind)

The show is a captivating trip to mythological India, the land of tales. It is made especially for children but is also suitable for adults. This magical performance uses the traditions of the shadow theatre of India but it also takes advantage of the modern light and sound technique. The shadow puppets are made of real leather in an old Indian technique, although the used leather is reindeer leather instead of roe deer leather.

Hanuman is based on the mythology of Ramanja which is the first Indian national epic. Just like Elias Lönnrot put together Kalevala from various single poems, so did Valmi with Ramanja many centuries ago. He gathered ballads about the adventures of Rama, sung by royal court singers. Later on there have been many different versions of Ramanja, because the story has a habit of changing when it’s told from a generation to another. The main story however has stayed the same.

The hero of the story is an ape soldier, Hanuman. He is the loyal servant of Prince Rama, who is a greatly worshiped, loyal and rightful ape God. Hanuman has special powers: He can turn himself into any animal, grow gigantic of shrink into a tiny being. Because The God of the Wind is his father, he can also jump over the seas and he has a tail so long that you can hardly see the end of it.

30 min.