The Shows

KULTAINEN KURKI (The Golden Crane)

A show for children based on a story from Sami. An educational shadow theatre performance about a southern mans greedy attitude against nature.
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KIELENHALTIJA (The Lord of the Language)

A shadow theatre, puppet show and poet singing performance for adults about the life of a poet singer Larin Paraske.
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KARHU POIKANA (A Bear as a Boy)

A puppet show for both children and adults based on a Karelian folk-tale.
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PITKÄN TANELIN TAIPALEET (The Journey of Daniel Tall)

A story of a giant man who lived in Kainuu in the 18th century. A paper puppet performance.
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A story about the son of the wind, Hanuman, is a captivating trip to mythological India, the land of tales. It is made for children but is suitable also for adults.
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A performing puppet show containing art and live music. Mainly designed to be performed in restaurants, culture centers and concert halls, but can also be arranged for other spaces.
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