Arto Rautiainen

I am Arto Rautiainen from Kajaani. I spent my childhood banging pots and kettles and trying to accompany my father singing Finnish tango music. After we got a Hitazhi tape recorder, I used to record songs from the radio show “Pop music, yesterday - today” by Jake Nymann. After the tangos the pop music sounded like the Wonderland of Music to me. The greatest impact to me was made by reporter Uma Aaltonen, when she played “Hot Love” by T.Rex. I can still remember the exact words when they read a poem, which was sent there by listeners: ..I left, you stayed. That’s where the song began!

I started with my uncle’s old guitar. Then I joined the Music Institute of Vaala for two years and my parents bought me a new Landola guitar. In Jaalanka we lived at a school, where was a reel-to-reel tape recorder. I used it to make my first recordings even though I probably wouldn’t have been allowed to use it.

After that I started my own band and started to make my own songs. I went to Haapavesi folk high school and studied youth work. There I composed a shampoo commercial in English and tried to learn to play “Crazy Days” by the Hurriganes.

I was inspired by the movie “Against the Wind” so I became a farmer: sheep, bulls and pigs. The sunsets were beautiful and so was the field of barley in the fall, but the work was heavy and not profitable enough so I chose a different direction.

I worked with children for the church for about six years studying the job at the same time. In 1991 I recorded my own music at home arranging it myself. At the end of the millennium I started to work at a radio station as a commercial producer and a reporter and at the same time I studied to be a sound observer. I founded my own sound advertising agency, did commercials for different companies and sold them.

In the year of 2000 I started to study music again, this time in Tornio. There I also worked as a “musical painter” at the local theatre of improvisation called “Oikosulku” (Short-Circuit). After that my band “Doris Domain” started its action with our own songs.

These days I sing and play guitar in various bands: RH-Blues Band; Cheeri-o, which plays cover songs of the 70’s and 80’s and in an acoustic band called Mirelle&Candyman. I am also a part of the Puppet Theatre Katputli.