Puppet Theatre Katputli

Katputli produces performances to both children and adults. It also organizes courses and takes part in different kinds of cooperation projects.

The idea of Katputli was born from the elements of loving to share and create and wanting to make unique experiences happen.

We believe in the diversity of puppet theatre. This is why we use various dimensions in our shows without forgetting the meaning of traditions.

Katputli is specialized particularly in shadow theatre. Several of our shows are put up by using only the shadow technique, but we also have shows that use different elements of puppet theatre.

Katputli is a puppet theatre started at the region of Kainuu. It gets its strength from the strong nature and cultural traditions of Kainuu. Our shows have also been affected by Vienas poetical stories, tales and myths.

We travel with our puppets all around Finland ready to perform where ever someone needs the magic of puppet show. We are also able and willing to pack our bags and drive our van to other countries.