History of Puppet Theatre Katputli

Puppet Theatre Katputli was set up in Kajaani in the beginning of the year 2004.

It all began when a southern lady, Elviira Davidow, who had spent all her life traveling around the world, wanted to return to her roots to gather strength from the peaceful nature of Kainuu. Elviira talked her friend, Hanna Waldén, who was an animation artist, into coming to Kajaani with her and together they began to set up their long term dream: a shadow theatre musical about the life of a poet singer Larin Paraske. The show was called Kielenhaltija (The Lord of the Language) and the cooperators were found right away: Kajaani culture plan, Generator and Kajaani amateur theater.

After the Kielenhaltija neither Elviira nore Hanna wanted to go back to the hasty life of Southern Finland. They decided to go just a little further, and they kept going and going until the result was the Puppet Theatre Katputli.

“We have had both unemployed and professional people working in different tasks in our shows. From the beginning it has been clear to us that we want to use as much authentic effects as possible. And we have been lucky to have excellent, professional musicians working with us.”

At the moment the premises of Katputli are located at Helsinki, while there is still also activity in Kajaani and Kainuu.